M140 | 999 m. | 3278 ft.
Translation: White peak
Pronuncation: stob baan

Dry but partly cloudy day. Glen Nevis approach with starting point at Achriabhach. Path through the woods and then a climb, very steep at first through sparsely spread trees, up the north-east ridge of the Mullach. Easy slopes apart from the final 100m to the summit shrouded by clouds. Continuation over the south-east top of Mullach and the connecting ridge to Stob Ban. Summit ascent quite steep. Quartzite boulders. No views on Stob Ban – clouds. Descent by the east ridge to the stalker’s path starting at the head of Coire a’ Mhusgain. Beautiful view of small lochan below the cliffs of Sgurr an Iubhair. Good view of Sgurr a Mhaim. Return to Achriabhach on the stalker’s path. Clear views of the north-eastern cliffs of Stob Ban (somehow resembling An Teallach from Loch Toll an Lochan).

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Description These two mountains are at the west end of the Mamores. Mullach nan Coirean is a long flat-topped mountain with three big corries overlooking Glen Nevis. Stob Ban is a more pointed peak with high cliffs on its north-east face. The upper part of the peak is covered with quartzite boulders and scree which give it a light-coloured appearance. The two can be climbed together from a starting point at Achriabhach in Glen Nevis. Follow the stalker's path up Coire a' Mhusgain to reach the main spine of the Mamores at the col east of Stob Ban. Continue up its east ridge, which becomes steeper and covered with angular quartzite boulders just before reaching the summit. Go down the north-west ridge to reach the broad and fairly level ridge of Mullach nan Coirean which continues westwards over the South-east Top and along the edge of the northern corries to reach the summit. Descend the north-east ridge to the fence at the upper edge of the forest, go down on the west side of the fence to a stile and continue down a path through the forest to reach a road which leads back to Achriabhach.