M77 | 1054 m. | 3458 ft.
Translation: Rocky hollow
Pronuncation: tow kraykach

The day after our major tour of the Mullardoch Four (Oh, praise Alba for such marvellous days) we needed some rest. Starting late in the morming we set our sights on a moderate 16 kilometre hike of the two most eastern Glen Affric Munros, Toll Creagach and Tom a’ Choinich. From the parking on the north shore of Loch Bheinn a’ Mheadhoin we walked up the landrover track in Gleann nam Fiadh. The air was warm and the forrest on both sides of the track was interestingly diverse as regards the variety of different sorts of trees. There even was a wooden panel explaining the afforestation efforts of the Forrestry Commission (?). After passing a gate we left the enclosed woodland and got into rather more open terrain. Once we reached the Allt Toll Easa we climbed the path on its right side for about 250m until we reached the upper corrie and the start of the southeast ridge of Tom a’ Choinich. This ridge proved to be quite rocky and entertaining being interspersed with surviving patches of last winter’s snow on some of the upper sections. Above the 1000m contour the slope levelled off and we strolled to the 1112m summit of the Tom. There we took a good long break and rested our aching bones. Then we proceeded in an easterly direction to the Bealach Toll Easa. The ridge leading to this coll again was narrow in places and rocky. Fine stuff. From the bealach we climbed a much broader ridge first to the west top of Toll Creagach and further on over a plateau-ish section to the final steepening before the stony summit of Toll Creagach. Having enjoyed another pause at this second summit we walked due south over open grassy terrain to reach Beinn Eun. We passed this outlier of Toll Creagach and its craggy slopes above Gleann nam Fiadh by bearing south-west and descending very steep heather slopes to the landrover track in the floor of the glen. Then it was another hour of easy walking back to Loch Bheinn a’ Mheadhoin. An entertaining circuit of two munros in a beautiful setting. Especially Tom a’ Choinichs southeast ridge is fun. The views of the Mullardoch hills in the north across Loch Mullardoch were great, too.

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Description These are the first two of the Glen Affric Munros that are reached when going up the glen, and they are the two most accessible of these hills. Toll Creagach is a rather featureless hill with smooth rounded slopes on all sides. The west ridge leads over a lower top and down to the Bealach Toll Easa, and from this col a steep and fairly narrow ridge rises to Tom a' Choinich. This is a more impressive peak, with a big east-facing corrie and a narrow south-east ridge which give it a fine appearance when seen from the Glen Affric approach.The traverse of these two hills starts from the road in Glen Affric just over 1 kilometre before reaching the head of Loch Beinn a' Mheadhoin. Go up the track in Gleann nam Fiadh and then the stalker's path up the west side of the Allt Toll Easa. Once fairly level ground is reached, go west to the foot of the south-east ridge of Tom a' Choinich and climb this to the summit. Descend east down the steep ridge to the Bealach Toll Easa and climb the broad west ridge of Toll Creagach over its West Top. Go due south down easy slopes which become distinctly steeper at the final descent to the track in Gleann nam Fiadh.