M246 | 933 m. | 3061 ft.
Translation: Pale-coloured hill
Pronuncation: fyoon vyn

Friday morning, 12 May 2006, having been a windy and wet affair we chose to climb this hill as a quick up-and-down-and-bag-it tour later that day. So, in the early afternoon we locked the car in front of Achnasheen’s railway station. After crossing the A832 we headed up the steep hillside beside the Allt Achadh na Sine to emerge on the flat boggy terrain strewn with peat hags which lies at the foot of the corrie formed by the slopes of Creagan nan Laogh and Fionn Bheinn. After having negotiated the peat and bog we soon climbed up the open southern side of Fionn Bheinn over easy but steepish grass. At the summit cairn we joined a group of English hillwalkers for whom Frank snapped a few photographs. Then we enjoyed the views. There is hardly any better viewpoint for the Great Wilderness, the Fannaichs, and perhaps for parts of the Torridon and Glen Carron hills too, than Fionn Bheinn. We were deeply impressed and played name-the-hill for quite a while. But then the cold wind got the better of us and we reluctantly headed back to Achnasheen by the way of ascent. What a pity that we had no camera with us on this walk! We should return to this hill on a crisp and clear winter day and snap photos like mad!

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Description This isolated hill to the north of Achnasheen is one of the most featureless and least interesting of the Munros. The slopes of Fionn Bheinn which rise on the north side of the A832 road are devoid of any interest, and the ascent from Achnasheen is little more than a pleasant stroll up this grassy hillside. Once on the summit ridge there is more character to the hill, for its northern corrie, the Toll Mor, is quite steep. On the descent it makes for a little variety to go east along the ridge of the hill to Sail an Tuim Bhain and descend a path from there to return to the A832 road at a small plantation 1 kilometre east of Achnasheen'