M220 | 946 m. | 3104 ft.
Translation: Hill of the hillocks
Pronuncation: byn too-lach-an

On the first day of the 2011 hillwalking holiday in Scotland we only had the afternoon hours to do something. So we chose to try and bag Beinn Tulaichean, the rather easy Munro which basically is an outlier of Cruach Ardrain. Since we came from Edinburgh the approach via Balquhidder and Glen Lochlarig came natural.

We parked the car at the road end, packed our rucksacks, donned the rain gear and followed the signposts to Beinn Tulaichean. The weather was not too good but not too bad either and it improved considerably as the afternoon wore on. Soon the bridge over the Inverlochlarig Burn was reached. Once over the bridge we followed the track on the right-hand side of the burn for a few metres and then struck a beeline up the grassy slopes. The going was good, though the hillside is quite steep. We weaved our way through some minor rocky outcrops and picked up traces of a path higher up on the hill. Then the crest of the ridge came into view and a cairn marked the spot where the path reaches the ridge. From there it was a 10 minute stroll to the 946m summit of Beinn Tulaichean. The views were quite nice and we could pick out all the Crianlarich Munros from there during the summit break which also included a little snack and sip of water. In addition to bagging this Munro also had finally completed all Crianlarich Munros by ticking it. Well, with everything done that had to be accomplished that day we retraced our steps back to Inverlochlarig. The descent was steep but easy and since the weather stayed nice it was a good late afternoon walk in beautiful surroundings. A perfect end to a very good day.

After less than four hours we were back at the car park, dumped our stuff in the boot of the car and drove off to Lochearnhead, our hotel, a nice meal and a few pints. It’s nice when Scotland greets you so gently when you visit!

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Total distance: 9570 m
Max elevation: 951 m
Min elevation: 109 m
Total climbing: 1016 m
Total descent: -1123 m
Total time: 03:25:38

Description Beinn Tulaichean is at the southern end of the south ridge of Cruach Ardrain, and is not much more than its south top, the lowest point of the connecting ridge being about 820m. On its east, south and west sides it falls in long and in places steep slopes, mostly grassy, but with some crags high up near the summit.The ascent of Beinn Tulaichean is usually made from the south-east, starting from the carpark at the end of the public road 1 kilometre east of Inverlochlarig. Walk along the private road to the farm and from there climb north-west up the long grassy slopes to the summit. This route is also a good way to Cruach Ardrain, continuing along the broad connecting ridge between the two hills.