M125 | 1007 m. | 3304 ft.
Translation: Bare hill of the wet place
Pronuncation: moela loondy

Craig in Glen Carron. Today this place was to be the starting point for another hike high above the bank of the Allt a’Chonais and later in Gleann Fhiodhaig. We had started walks here in 2008 (Sgurr Choinnch and Sgurr a’Chaorachain) and in 2009 (Sgurr nan Ceannaichean before the SMC stole this Munro from our list).

We used bicycles for the approach to Maoile Lunndaidh and rode/pushed them up the Landrover track for almost 10 km until we reached the small fir plantation in Gleann Fhiodhaig which can be found 1 km before the track reaches Glenuaig Lodge. There we left the bicycles and started a gently rising traverse across the grassy hillside towards the north ridge of Maoile Lunndaidh. On the way we crossed the An Crom allt and headed towards the outflow of the lochans nestled in the narrow corrie (Fuar tholl Mor) between the Munro of the day and the north ridge of Carn nam Fiaclan. It was a wet and overcast day. Visibility was moderate at first.

At an altitude of about 500 m the grass began to be sprinkled with snow and as soon as we reached the level floor of the quite impressive Fuar tholl Mor snow covered the ground completely. From the corrie we climbed up a rocky spur covered in heather making good use of a faint path. Then all that was left was to climb the very broad and open north ridge of Maoile Lunndaidh, which was quite steep initially and progress over (or through) the knee-deep snow was a real effort. We zigzagged our way up the ridge making good use of grass and stones which barely peeked out from the deep snow.

Then the ridge levelled off and the visibility became much better. We even enjoyed a spot of sunshine when we arrived at the summit cairn. Due to the round nature of the summit this is a moderately good viewing spot only but it sufficed to walk a few dozen metres towards the narrow stretch linking Maoile Lunndaidh and Carn nam Fiaclan to see more. All in all the clouds were too low to allow for really spacious panoramic vistas, however. There was hardly any wind at the summit so that we spent 15 minutes in more or less complete silence and solitude on white plateau. A wee bit eerie but in an agreeable way.

Then we retraced our way of ascent and strolled down towards the lip of the Fuar tholl Mor. There we decided to walk beside and above the burn issuing from the corrie (waterfalls in a little gorge!). There was a path on the right bank of the burn that delivered us onto the grassy flats in Gleann Fhiodhaig in due course. Nice for a change: The pathless ascent over grass and heather had been more exhausting than this rather effortless downhill ambling.

Once we had found a good spot for crossing the nascent River Meir we reached the footpath on its left bank and turned west. On the way to Glenuaig Lodge we traversed some very stony terrain consisting of rocks and boulders swept down from Core Bethe. From the Lodge it was a stroll of one kilometre to the plantation and our bikes. The rest was the speedy (and exhilarating) race downhill towards Craig on our mountain bikes.

This was an outing on an interesting, wintry hill with hardly any human soul around except Frank’s and mine. And another remote hill ticked. A fine (if somewhat wet) day indeed.

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Total distance: 27254 m
Max elevation: 1085 m
Min elevation: 96 m
Total climbing: 1224 m
Total descent: -1201 m
Total time: 07:33:37

Description Maoile Lunndaidh is another very remote hill in the area between the head of Glen Strathfarrar and Glen Carron. In appearance it is quite different from most of the other hills of the western highlands, and it is more like one of the Cairngorms with its flat plateau bounded by deep corries. The hill is well seen from the east end of Loch Monar. An old right of way, partly submerged when the loch was dammed, goes along its north side below Maoile Lunndaidh.The approach from Craig in Glen Carron is helped by cycling up the private road (which is also a right of way) which goes up the Allt a' Chonais and over the pass towards Strathconon. Cycle just past the small plantation near Glenuaig Lodge and walk from there, east at first over rough peaty ground and across An Crom Allt, and then south up the steepening slope which higher up leads along the edge of Fuar-tholl Mor. The summit of Maoile Lunndaidh is reached by walking along the plateau round the head of this corrie. Descend the ridge on the east side of Fuar-tholl Mor and lower down go west to cross the stream flowing from the corrie and rejoin the uphill route.