2017 will be the year of our compleation. A 25 year journey comes to its end with no sadness at all. We will continue to travel to our most favorite country in the world. Since we are the crazy ones and i wanted to do a complete round of MOTD mails to Cord before we finish we have already decided when to go and where to go. This is our final Munro list:

1 . Meall Buidhe (missed that 2010 due to mist and bad weather) will be followed by Cord’s birthday party in Inverie that evening

2+3. Bruach na Frithe and Am Basteir (the last “Doppelhorrors” for Cord)

4. Inaccessible Pinnacle (with a little help of Jonah)

5. Sgurr Dubh Mor (we didn’t found the access in 2007 – bad visibility)

6+7. A’ Mhaighdean and Ruadh Stac Mor (Wilderness 1)

8+9. Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair and Sgurr Ban (Wilderness 2)

10+11. Lurg Mor and Bideain a’ Choire Sheasgaich (Cheesecake)

Not quite sure which one of those will be our last Munro. We’ll see. Maybe one or two additional climbs on Skye or a revisit to Torridon if the weather plays nicely. But there will be T-Shirts and beers this time in Plockton – that’s for sure.