Sgurr Mhor

1991 1st Munro ever. Wolfgang and i did the complete traverse from Tom na Gruagaich to Sgurr Mhor. Since we were that inexperienced we missed the steep pull first – we thought that it was too steep but we stood corrected later. I recalled that we walked in shorts and in 1991 the Tom wasn’t a Munro yet. Thanks to SMC that happened 1997 when they decided to remeasure. Black Cleft is really a dramatic gully just before Sgurr Mhor. We bypassed the Horns … as we would 2 years later. I still wonder why.

Well that was my 1st Munro ever. This was how it started.

1993 Complete traverse of Beinn Alligin from Sgurr Mhor to Tom na Gruagaich. Bypass of the Horns. Good visibility. Cleft directly after the Sgurr quite impressing. First DH (Doppelhorror).

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Tom na Gruagaich

1991 Traverse from Tom na Gruagaich to Squrr Mhor. We left the actual ascent to Tom on the left – it couldn’t be, it’s much too steep – we wanted to climb the Toll a’ Mhadaidh Mor first. Then however came the insight that this was even a worse idea: it was much steeper. The ascent was really very, very steep – i thought – maybe because it was one of the first mountains ever I climbed in Scotland. In 1991 Tom was not yet a Munro. Very nice the fissure in front of Sgurr Mor. We bypassed the Horns on a slippery, narrow path. Well, that’s how it all started.

1993 New Munro in 1997 revision. Complete traverse of Beinn Alligin from Sgurr Mhor to Tom na Gruagaich. Bypass of the Horns. Good visibility. Cleft directly after the Sgurr quite impressing. (Cord had the most severe knee problems I’ve ever experienced with him – he even backed Tom down on all fours)

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Spidean Coire nan Clach

2000 Beinn Eighe. Quite a few times before – when passing through Glen Torridon – I had seen its scree flanks and had wondered what the northern corries of that giant hill might look like. Now in the late morning of a beautifully sunny late September day Stephanie dropped me off at the car park close to where the Allt Coire an Anmoich crosses the road from Torridon village to Kinlochewe. Vigourously I walked up the well-maintained path into Coire Dubh Mor from where – after an hour of walking – I caught my life’s first glimpse of the Pinnacle Ridge of Liathach’s Meall Dearg. Wow! Soon I reached the fork of the path and continued around the steep flank of Sail Mhor to the entrance of Coire Mhic Fhearchair. The Tripple Buttress is so beautiful from Loch Coire Mhic Fhearchair – I paused and marvelled at it. What a corrie!! Soon I had made my way around the loch and started the ascent of the south eastern corner of Coire Mhic Fhearchair where a succession of pools makes for interesting walking. Once above the pools I started the slog up the scree gully during which I met a friendly group of hillwalkers on their way down from Beinn Eighe. When I had reached the bealach I continued to the summit of Ruadh-stac Mor. I took in the views over the plateau stretching out to the north with remote Baosbeinn and its neighbour Beinn an Eoin being just two of the interesting hills protruding from that flat area of high land bordering Loch Maree. Alas, I had to go on since time was scarce: Stephanie was to pick me up from the car park in Glen Torridon in three hours time and I wanted to see more of this grand hill. So back I went to the bealach above Coire Mhic Fearchair and further on to the plateau of Coinneach Mhor. Turning eastward along the main ridge of the hill the bouldery crest, with the rock changing from quartzite to … [Read More]

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