The Saddle

On 14 June 2016 we had something very special on the agenda. Special because the tour included the first Munro I had ever climbed: The Saddle, in 1993. And special, too, as the day would see us climb Sgurr na Sgine the only Munro that had seen me turn back from it twice, both times in driving snow in winter 1997/1998. So I was utterly determined to finally bag the Hill of the Knife 18 years on.

We started the hike at the layby on the A87 in Glen Shiel and followed the path leading to the foot of the steep north-east ridge of Faochag. Once we had crossed the Allt Mhàlagain we turned right and headed towards the path leading up to Meallan Odhar. I admit that was a somewhat spontaneous approach but we had been too bloody stupid to pick the old military road earlier on. Ok, no harm done. Once we had reached the Meallan Odhar path it was a steady plod up this hikers’ highway until finally the shoulder between Biod an Fhitich and Meallan Odhar invited us to have a break and to drink some water. The view towards the Forcan Ridge and the Saddle was to die for. But dying was not high on our list of things to do. So instead we continued on the path bypassing Meallan Odhar’s summit which leads to the foot of the Forcan Ridge.

What can you say? The first time I had been there was in 1993 also with Frank. The climb up the ridge had been a dance up the crest. The Forcan Ridge still was real fun to climb in 2016. Its steepness, sharpness and exposure making it a great scrambling experience and I was glad that we had included The Saddle as a non-essential extra repeat Munro in this tour. No self-respecting bagger would have climbed Sgurr na Sgine alone without doing the Forcan Ridge, or would he? We made progress steadily and reached the summit of Sgurr … [Read More]

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Ladhar Bheinn

Rather fair day with sunshine and some clouds. Start from Kinlochhourn with 10 km walk to Barrisdale on the coastal path along beautiful Loch Hourn. After short rest at Barrisdale ascent of Stob A’ Chearcaill over Creag Bheithe ridge. Some good scrambling up the narrow ledges before the top. From the Stob over the main ridge (up and down) of the mountain around Coire Dhorrcail to summit of Ladhar Bheinn. Over north-east ridge the descent south-west into Coire Dhorrcail lead to stalker’s path to Barrisdale. Return to Kinlochhourn by coastal path. 33 kilometers, 1830m in height, 12 hours, hurting knees. Extremely interesting and rewarding hill-walk. Toughest walk I did so far (1998-12). Only to be recommended to the fit. Would do it again any time. Me too.

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Sgurr Mhor

1991 1st Munro ever. Wolfgang and i did the complete traverse from Tom na Gruagaich to Sgurr Mhor. Since we were that inexperienced we missed the steep pull first – we thought that it was too steep but we stood corrected later. I recalled that we walked in shorts and in 1991 the Tom wasn’t a Munro yet. Thanks to SMC that happened 1997 when they decided to remeasure. Black Cleft is really a dramatic gully just before Sgurr Mhor. We bypassed the Horns … as we would 2 years later. I still wonder why.

Well that was my 1st Munro ever. This was how it started.

1993 Complete traverse of Beinn Alligin from Sgurr Mhor to Tom na Gruagaich. Bypass of the Horns. Good visibility. Cleft directly after the Sgurr quite impressing. First DH (Doppelhorror).

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Tom na Gruagaich

1991 Traverse vom Tom na Gruagaich zum Squrr Mhor. Den eigentlichen Aufstieg zum Tom haben wir erstmal links liegen lassen – das konnte er nicht sein, ist ja viel zu steil – wir wollten erst den Toll a’ Mhadaidh Mor hoch. Dann aber die Einsicht es geht nicht anders, denn dieser war noch viel steiler. Der Aufstieg war wirklich sehr, sehr steil – vielleicht aber auch weil es einer der ersten Berge war, die ich in Schottland bestieg. 1991 war der Tom noch kein Munro. Sehr schön auch die Spalte vorm Sgurr Mor. Die Horns haben wir auf einem glitischigen, schmalen Pfad unterwandert. Tja, so fing alles an.

1993 New Munro in 1997 revision. Complete traverse of Beinn Alligin from Sgurr Mhor to Tom na Gruagaich. Bypass of the Horns. Good visibility. Cleft directly after the Sgurr quite impressing.(Cord hatte die schwersten Knieprobleme, die ich bei ihm je erlebt habe – er ist den Tom sogar rückwärts auf allen vieren runter)

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